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One of the biggest things that both commercial driver’s and regular driver’s need to do is pay attention before you even enter your car of truck.

  1. Visual View: Take a visual look at your commercial truck or car.  Do a walk around to make sure everything looks like its in place.  Sometimes when you walk around the truck or car you may notice things that need your attention. Turn on your lights and signals to make sure they are correctly working.
  2. Clean your Commercial Truck or Car:  During snow times make sure you clean off all the snow that has accumulated on on your Truck or Car.  Also, be sure to check that headlights and brake lights are not obstructed by snow.  There is nothing like driving down the road and snow from the car in front of you in pouring off right in front of your moving Truck or Car.
  3. Buckle up:  Always wear your seat belt.  Also, make sure everyone wears their seat belt.
  4. GPS Destination:  Always plug in your driving directions to a new destination if you are visiting a new location.
  5. NO TEXTING: DO NOT TEXT AND DRIVE! Just do not do it because it will save your life.
  6. Following Distance:  Stay away from the Car or Truck driving in front of you.
  7. Bad Weather:  If the roads are bad stay off the roads.  Delay your delivery and call your dispatcher and tell them you are in a bad storm your pulling off to a safe stopping point.
  8. Never Rush:  Always give yourself a 30 minute window to be at your destination before you actual arrival time.
  9. Loud Music:  Keep the music volume in the Car or Truck down so you can hear anything like emergency police, ambulance, or fire.
  10. Have Fun: Have fun while you are driving. But always be safe.

Post Author: Gary Grant

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