Commercial Truck Driver Shuttle Service

Every week trucking companies are bringing new drivers into the Central PA area for orientations. Personal Care Transport specializes in transporting new or old CDL holders to the their new trucking companies. If you’re company brings drivers into Harrisburg we know where the bus station is located in Harrisburg. We can also transport truck drivers from Amtrak in Harrisburg.

We transport new hires to the hotel of your choice. We understand the importance of being on time because we have another company called Relax and Ride Carlisle which is specially for shuttling people to the airport.

Companies will send us a list of the new hires on Friday and we will generally call them to let them know that we will be picking them up for the companies. It is a seamless process and we have been doing this for years so we understand the needs of our customers.

If your company is in need for a reliable service to transport truck driver’s please reach out.