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P.O Box 1140 Carlisle, PA 17013
Personal Care Transport is a here to serve you. We are the only company in the State of PA that is authorized to transport Commercial Truck Drivers’.

Our objective is to solve your problems in the trucking industry. We are here to transport your drivers’ to various locations where you the company need them to go.

We solve your Orientation problems by picking up your drivers’ at the bus station and transporting them to your designated hotel. In the morning for orientation we take them to your terminal and drop them off. We help your company through the entire process of driving them to the clinics for the agility tests or physicals.

Once they have been designated a truck and this truck is not on your yard. We transport them to a rental car facility or bus station so the driver can get to pick up their truck.


Often times many of the local distributors will deliver parts for a truck once it is ordered. However, some companies will send a mechanic to pick up a part taking them away from valuable time they could be actually turning a wrench on a truck.

I do not know the exact cost of what it costs for a trucking company to have a truck down not running on the road. I am assuming it is not cheap.

Our company can solve this problem by recovering the part for the trucking company faster which allows the truck to be serviced faster.

In the 21st Century and the changing times companies need to be on the cutting edge of the trucking industry and have as many trucks on the road to maximize their bottom lines.

Post Author: Gary Grant

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