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One of the most important aspect of running a reliable transport service is your ability to get a product to its destination in a safe and reliable manner.

When you begin to lack the safe and reliable component of this industry you begin to fall down the chart of safe and reliable very quickly.

In this industry of moving parts or people the person behind the wheel is the face of your business. In our company the driver is engaging with truck driver’s on a daily basis. They often will be at a terminal picking up a driver who needs to go to a hotel while their truck is being fixed.

Sometimes it is taking a driver to a clinic, post office, or any kind of store.

The driver is the person who will dictate whether the trucker or the trucking company is happy with the service. When you meet and exceed the expectation of the customer all is well with the world.

Often, Companies are just looking for someone to fill a seat to meet a need but that’s not a good thing either.

Eventhough, a company maybe looking for a good driver. A good driver to one company may not be a good driver to another.

In the instance of transportation moving people. They may be safe and reliable but if the driver lacks customer service skills in terms of communicating with the customer this driver will soon find faults with the very company who hired him and they will soon leave your company.

If you are looking for professional driver’s there is a marrying period.

To be continued.

Post Author: Gary Grant

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