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P.O Box 1140 Carlisle, PA 17013
Personal Care Transport LLC

We provide transportaion in the Greater Harrisburg Area for Commercial Trucking Companies.

So what is it do we do?

One of the main things that we do as a company is we provide transportation from Harrisburg Greyhound to trucking companies in Carlisle, Newville, Shippensburg or Harrisburg. We also take commercial truck drivers to local hotels for these companies when they come into the area for orientations.

We also provide morning pick-ups for companies and take them to DOT Physicals and Drug tests.

We also pick up commercial truck drivers from local repair shops when they are broken down and will drive them to local hotels or car rentals, greyhound, or the Harrisburg Airport.

Sometimes companies will call us to pick up truck parts from dealerships.

We also make frequent stops to Harrisburg Airport, BWI Airport and Dulles Airport.

How do you contact us?

The best way to contact us is via our website.


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