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P.O Box 1140 Carlisle, PA 17013
Personal Care Transport is located in Carlisle, PA. We are directly with trucking companies to help them solve logistical issues they have with drivers.

We have been providing this service for 8 years to many trucking companies in the greater Harrisburg Area.

Some of the things we do for trucking companies is that we provide a service for trucking companies who are bringing new truck driver’s in the Central PA area. We provide transportation for Orientations. We also will transport these driver’s for DOT Physical’s and Drug Tests.

Personal Care Transport has also moved into providing other services for Trucking Companies. One of the things that we have always provided is being able to pick up parts for trucking companies during their really busy times when they need a truck to be on the road.

Just recently we have also started to provide an interior detailing for trucking companies when they need a truck cleaned we can provide this service also.

If you have any questions or any specific needs for our services we would be glad to help solve these issues for you.



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