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In a competitive market of trying to find a qualified driver there are several things that should be addressed by a company.

One of the first things we as a company ask a perspective driver is Tell us what you know about Personal Care Transport LLC. If the person has no knowledge of what your products and services are and give you a blank response this tells us they are seeking a job. We are not in the business of just filling jobs.

On the other hand, if the person can tell you what products and services you provide and the locations of where your products and services are delivered this is a sign that this person maybe more than just a driver.

Let’s face it in every aspect of your company you are constantly selling your products and services. The person who most engages your clients is the driver’s so they must be able to represent your product or service in a manner as if they owned the company.

A very significant question that should be asked up front is how to do feel about being called when you are off of work? Often, times, potential candidates will say I am very flexible and by the time they are called once hired they will never answer their phone. In our products and service industry this is critical.

Always remember when you hire a potential candidate to say can I teach this person every aspect of my business and then compensate them to a point where they will never want to leave.

Professional driver’s should ask some very critical questions to their potential employers as well.

Do I have a chance to grow with your company? Can I learn new things as the company grows? Always, do your research on the company that you are going to potentially working for. What kind of clients will I be dealing with? What are the hours that are available? Are their bonuses?

If the two parties agree on a professional relationship agreed upon mutually by both parties then its not enough to just shake hands and hand them the keys to your equipment.

The relationship should be evaluated frequently and both parties should listen to what each person is saying. Communication is the critical component in any relationship.

If you are interested in learning about the opportunities at Personal Care Transport please contact us for more information.

Post Author: Gary Grant

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