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Issue #5: Driver Retention

Coming in at #5 on ATRI’s trucking issues of 2017 is Driver Retention.

Driver retention is an issue we have written on in the past. It is related to but distinct from the driver shortage.

In recent years, this issue has become a greater concern among truckers. It has moved from the eighth spot on this list last year to fifth this year. In 2017, driver turnover rates soared, representing a tightening of the market. This translates to an added cost to employers. When new employees join the industry, employers must put money towards training and recruitment.

One way to boost driver retention rates is to make the job more comfortable. Trucking is an industry that can be mentally and physically taxing. As long haul trucking becomes more automated, the nature of the profession may change entirely. Truckers may need to live in heavily populated, industrial areas as their main role would be to transport goods from highways to ports and stores. Many truckers would welcome a lifestyle that allows them to see their family every night. These changes may occur in the next 10-15 years, but what about more immediate solutions?

One fairly straightforward solution would be to pay workers more. Companies have begun to reward truckers sign-on/stay-on bonuses. These bonuses give them incentive to stay in the trucking industry and with their particular company. It is a bit too early to see if this strategy will work, but logic should say yes.

The first strategy proposed by those in ATRI’s survey was to study the effectiveness of carrier retention programs which offer financial incentives that focus on safety, fuel economy, and productivity. It is no wonder that this strategy was popular with drivers, as it creates shared value.

Truckers win, because they are getting paid more. Employers win, because they are encouraging behavior that saves them money. Society wins, because drivers are given more incentive to drive safely and use resources more productively.

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