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Coming in at #2 on ATRI’s trucking issues of 2017 is the ELD Mandate.


The ELD Mandate was passed by congress in 2012 as part of the Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century Bill (MAP-21.) The mandate stated that drivers must log all of their hours on an electronic logging device and cannot submit them on paper logs. All companies had until 2017 to conform to this regulation.


Drivers, however, have many complaints including invasion of privacy, cost of ELDs and negative impacts on driver productivity.


The number one proposed strategy is to research and quantify industry impacts on safety and productivity from full deployment of ELDs. ELDs can be quite expensive. A new one costs anywhere between $150 and $1,500. Independent research has also found that ELDs have resulted in 3 to 5 percent productivity loss upon implementation, even though FMCSA predicted that it would save $2.44 billion in administrative costs. Doing proper research on ELDs would allow the government to reassess their utility.


The second proposed strategy is to access the landscape of appropriate and inappropriate uses of newly available ELD data. Many truckers are concerned about privacy and how their data is being used, therefore it makes sense that this strategy indicates a desire to establish formal limitations on the use of ELD-generated data and create more top down transparency. Hopefully more transparency would assuage drivers’ worries and create more trust between truckers and regulating authorities.  


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