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Coming in at #10 on ATRI’s trucking issues of 2017 is Driver Health/Wellness.

All people, to some extent, are concerned for their health. In the trucking industry, however, this issue is especially prevalent. Among a number of key statistics, trucking ranks near worst in the industry. According to a study done by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, 69 percent of long-haul truckers are obese, 54 percent smoke, and 88 percent are at risk for chronic ailment related to obesity, smoking, and hypertension. There numbers are higher than that of almost any other field.

The reasons behind these statistics are not shocking. Truckers must spend the majority of each day seated and often don’t have access to healthy food or exercise equipment. Long-haul truckers face additional disadvantages because they are not able to cook or refrigerate much of their food while on the go. Some do have portable grills and mini-fridges, but certainly not all. Truck stops are filled with fast food and unhealthy snacks, so options always seem to be limited.

Health is not just an issue for individual truckers, but for the industry as a whole. Poor health contributes to issues such as driver retention and driver shortages. About 20% of drivers who leave their jobs cite health problems as a factor in their decision. Potential newcomers are also hesitant to join an industry that is likely to forecast health problems down the line.

According to ATRI, the most popular solution among truckers is increasing the availability of healthy food choices and exercise facilities at truck stops and travel plazas. This is promising as it shows that many drivers want to make positive changes in their lives, they just don’t currently have the resources to do so.

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