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During the busy day of driving often times safety is talked about but often not a focus of the drivers.

Here are 10 tips for the driver to think about while on the road.

10. While driving always use proper following distance.

9. Always where your Seatbelt

8. Place Cellphone in the cabin so it is out of sight and out of mind while driving. There is no need to be on your phone while you are behind the wheel.

7. Plan your route and have an alternate just in case you run into an incident. Give yourself plenty of time to get to your destination.

6. Watch the road for speed limits and road construction. Merge at the right time never wait until the last minute.

5. Avoid Alcohol and Drugs

4. Always check the weather prior to driving and also watch for changing conditions while driving.

3. Exit Ramps can be very sharp and its important to really slow down at Exit Ramps.

2. Walk for 30 mins prior to driving every single day.

1. Your diet is really critical during your day. Try to eat a healthy meal during the day.

Post Author: Gary Grant

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