Gary Grant, Founder & Owner of Personal Care Transport

Gary Grant, owner and operator of Personal Care Transport has built businesses on wheels.  His journey to become a business owner is unique, especially in the transportation and shuttle services.

Gary served our country in the military, then attended Southern Adventist University in Tennessee for his undergraduate degree.  He went onto graduate school at the University of Maryland to earn his master’s degree in education.  Shortly thereafter, Gary moved to Carlisle to continue his teaching career, but soon realized it wasn’t the right fit.

Unsure of what his next step should be, Gary found temporary employment in warehouses, but knew that he wanted something more. Finally, decided to pursue his dream of becoming a business owner, and shortly after this Gary decided to start Personal Care Transport.

One of the first assignments Gary received was to transport a friend’s pets from Williamsport, PA to Austin, Texas. After that, Gary knew Personal Care Transport was where he belonged. For more information about his journey, check out my story for starting Personal Care Transport by the Central Pennsylvania Business Journal.

Since 2013, Personal Care Transport is the only transportation company in the state of Pennsylvania certified to transport commercial truck drivers. We understand the needs of small, medium, and large fleet companies. Personal Care Transport also works with owner operators. We understand that time is essential for trucking companies and owner operators, so we have built our company on reliability.


Personal Care Transport provides unique and personalized transportation for individuals and companies in the trucking industry.


We provide transportation for individuals and companies. Our services focus on safely transporting people and goods throughout our service area in a timely, dependable, and reliable manner.

Core Values

Personal Care Transport strives to build lasting, meaningful relationships with members of the trucking community within the Greater Harrisburg Area.




Personal Care Transport is fully licensed and insured.

Pa. PUC # A-8917795

USDOT# 2791405

MC# 71588